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Full-stack Human


what i am

what you are looking at

Besides pics of me?

various images from NYC

taken with the most convenient and mediocre camera around:

the iPhone

still scrolling?

we visit sites

you look at products

our eyes are all teased and tickled by the pretty lights and infinite reds, greens, blues pixelating the screens in our hands and in our face
But for now, this is it.

The idea was, just have a one page okay Basic Me, then mess around with some pics. I love NYC and the lights at night...and cell phones, for all their wonder really aren't great cameras. But you can mess around with movement and grab pictures and here you are. Plus...I wanted to try my hand at parallax scrolling. Because my hands never get to try anything these days.
It's all in the mind.


I think this is where I'll end it.

Lee's Headshot performing at inspired word me and my big mouth i am not serious
graffiti - not defined graffiti - pain pays subway platform streetlight at Prince and B'way
helmsley bldg on fire hearst building nice blue sky building 42nd and Mad grand central sunshine